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"Gage is hot sinking and struggling in marsh quicksand!"
My review is about Gage, not so.much the girl, who is annoying. Beefcake Gage accidentally walks into the marsh mud and starts to sink. It finally dawns on him, he stuck in quicksand! The quicksand is nice and thick in the beginning, but toward his demise the qs becomes more watery, kinda disappointing. But Gage is hot struggling and sinking deeper in the muck worth getting for male quicksand scene.

Quiksandboy 10/1/17
"Hot hunter Anthony struggles and sinks in the muck!"
A great qs scene. Beefy Anthony is hot sinking and struggling in the muck. The qs is good and thick at times. Would love to see Anthony in other sinking vids!

Quiksandboy 10/1/17
"Beefy survivalist sinks to his doom, top notch!"
A great scene of a survivalist filming a how to escape from tidal mud. The mud is thick and unforgiving, as the beefy model Anthony sinks to his doom. Love seeing beefy men in qs scenes, hot. Let's see more of Anthony!

Quiksandboy 10/1/17
"Top notch quicksand sinking scene!"
Excellent quicksand sinking scene. The model Gage is a cute beefy jungle explorer, and his sinking and struggling is excellent. Like to see more of Gage in other qs scenes!

Quiksandboy 10/1/17
"Great! Would like more scenes like that."
Incredible! Loved the mud... the struggle... the wallow. I would have liked to join him. Perhaps come to his rescue but end up getting pulled in with him.

erik1964 8/28/16
"I really liked it. Wish I was struggling in the quicksand too."
I really like this scene. I wish I was in the pit with him. I Love a good wallow and struggle in a great mud pit. More Please! Are there more available somewhere? Please let me know.

erik1964 8/28/16
"Loved IT!"
Great Scene! I Loved IT! More...more...more Please! Are there more scenes available somewhere? I am looking, hope to find more. Would like to find more female / male scenes.

erik1964 8/28/16
"Lovely scene"
Great entrance, sink, and mud thickness. Just wished she would have gotten out. Oh well maybe next time.

ccmucky 6/24/16
Wow. Quite possibly the best portrayal of being alone and terrified in quicksand I've seen.

chimerix 10/31/14
"Well worth the $20."
This is exactly what a Quicksand fetish video should be. Great acting by two talented, experienced (and smokin' hot) fetish models. Their portrayal of "stereotypical models" is hilarious- but when things get serious, they really get into the dramatic aspects. No spoilers, but Ludella does some incredible acting just at the end of her grim-ending scene. And the bog in this video, on a scale of one to ten, is an eleven! Only fault I could find is the old "Now my arms are stuck!", which I have trouble "suspending disbelief" on, but other folks may really like that sort of hopelessly trapped struggling. I give it a ten- well worth the $20.

ostlandr 10/25/14
"Great video."
Excellent. Elana is hot, they push each other around like they are wrestling instead of just making out. Facial coverage and head dunking. Only a spanking or stripping down to panties could have made it better. I give it 4.5/5!

Myds 9/6/14
"Mud wrestling at it's best"
Wow now this is real mud wrestling. Its refreshing is see the clothing stay on a little longer then only the tops come off (a rareity these days) Ludella Hahn is an amazing beauty and clearly having fun rolling around with Elana. So if sexy girls in thick yet cremmy mud is your thing this is your movie.

hooter 2/25/14
"Gorgeous girl in a sexy outfit in marsh mud"
Anya is dressed for the office, wearing an indigo blue skirt, white top and white patent leather knee-high boots with a high heel. The blouse buttons are straining to contain her ample bosom.

She starts out after her dog, Rosie, which we never see. Rosie's whimpers lead Anya out into the marsh. Anya's demeanor changes from compassion to find Rosie, to contempt for Rosie ("Damn, you Rosie!") as Anya gets deeper into the marsh, to worry when Anya gets stuck and can't get out.

The marsh is mostly firm as the beginning, as Anya walks along with little difficulty. The depth is mostly water. Anya comes to a point where she sinks about ankle deep into the mud, and struggles a little to get free, but continues on as before in mostly water. That is, until the last trek through the grass into an open area of marsh mud. One more step and Anya suddenly finds herself stuck up to her thighs. From the midpoint of the video on out, Anya struggles to get free, but can't.

Dialogue is sparse, and somewhat repetitive, but appropriate at every turning point in the video.

During the first half of the video, the trek is through mostly water on top of a very firm mud, but in the second half, the mud is thick and deep. Only the bottom of Anya's skirt gets muddy, and her blouse only gets spattered. The mud doesn't stick much to Anya's boots, so they remain mostly visible throughout the video.

Anya's struggle to get out is convincing, as she has to fight constantly to free her boots. That fight is fruitless, though, as each step puts her right back to being stuck thigh deep again.

woody1296 2/27/11
"Amazing Scene"
Amazing scene! Hope more like this are on the way! Beautiful model, great outfit, good pacing to the deep stuff.

emperor_erik 2/22/11
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