Extreme Nature Survival--Stuck in Tidal Mud
Starring the following model:
"Anthony sinks under the mud"

Anthony is the host of a video series called "Extreme Natural Survival" and in this episode he is demonstrating how to get out of tidal mud which can be very dangerous to accidentally wander into. Being an expert he literally jumps right into the mud instantly sinking up to his chest. He is confidant that he can get out and explains how to free yourself while struggling to get leverage. The mud isn't as thick as he thought it would be so he slowly sinks as he tries to grab hold of something that may help him. Once he gets down to his neck he realizes he is in serious trouble and yells to the camera-person for help. The camera operator ignores his pleas and continues to film as Anthony slowly sinks. He still is begging for help as his face sinks under and has to spit mud out of his mouth a few times until he fully disappears under the mud. There is a brief shot at the end showing him emerging from the mud.

File count:1
Total size:292.23 MB
Runtime:4 mins, 1 sec
Scene ID:15597
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