It's Not Much Further
"Violet and Tara get caught in quicksand"

Tara Rose and Violet are trying to find a path to the beach. Each is wearing a bikini and sneakers. Tara leads the way when Violet wanders off and falls into quicksand. As Violet sinks, Tara tries to reach for her, but can't grab onto her hands. Violet takes off her bikini top and Tara catches it, but that does not help. As Violet continues to sink, Tara takes off her top, too, but that does not help either. Violet sinks under (simulated, not a full submersion) and Tara tries to reach under the mud to rescue her. Instead, Tara falls into the quicksand and sinks. The video fades with Tara chin deep in the quicksand, her fate looking grim. There is a 45 second out-take at the very end of the video, showing Violet struggling chest deep in the mud.

File count:1
Total size:420.27 MB
Runtime:14 mins, 7 secs
Scene ID:8933
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420.27 MB
14.1 minutes
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