Muddy Cosplay: Black Widow Stuck In A Swamp
Starring the following model:
In this cosplay fantasy video Leila Hazlett plays a spy who is on the run. She is worried that she is being followed while trying to make her escape through a swap and while looking over her shoulder she trips and falls onto the muddy ground. Annoyed by this she slowly gets up and tries to go off in a direction that isn't so muddy. While making her way through the dense vegetation she ends up steeping right into a mud pit sinking down waist deep. She struggles to get out of the thick mud. She tries grabbing the plants around her but they just pull right out of the ground. She pushes and grabs at the mud trying to find solid ground with no luck. She moves her body back and forth and manages to pull out one leg. Then she leans back and slowly slides the rest of her body out of the mud. Exhausted she lays on the ground for a moment, then carefully gets up and leaves the swap being much more careful about where she steps. 

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