Bound and Gagged in Quicksand
Starring the following model:
"Elana sinks in quicksand bound and gagged"

Elana Bohemia, wearing on a pair of stockings, panties and a garter belt, is trying to flee from a deadly villain. The problem is--her hands are bound behind her, she has a ball gag in her mouth, and the trail in front of her is all quicksand. At first, she skirts most of the deeper mud, only sinking up to her knees, but she is soon sinking down to her waist and getting stuck in the thick mud. Struggling only makes her go deeper, and we see her progress from waist deep, to chest deep, to neck deep. Finally, she succumbs to the mire, submerging and blowing bubbles as she goes under. There is a brief after-the-submergence segment showing Elana rising from the mud, completed covered.

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