Trust Test #2
Starring the following model:
"Dom Sinthia gets trapped in quicksand"

Dom Sinthia, wearing a black with red PVC dress, wants to punish Sarah Michelle, who is wearing a black faux-leather skirt and silver-red metallic dress, by subjecting her to a trust test in really deep mud. The bound Sarah is lead into the bog reluctantly. Sinthia sinks in first, pulling in Sarah. She then commands Sarah to sink even further, only holding Sarah up from the deep mud by her hair. When satisfied that Sarah has learned her lessson, she orders Sarah to get out, which Sarah does. Then Sinthia tries to get out herself, only to find it impossible as she steps into a really deep spot. Sinking ever further, Sinthia begs Sarah to help her get free. Instead, Sarah taunts her and watches as Sinthia sinks beneath the surface. At the very end, there is a short, after-the-submersion scene showing Sinthia rising from the mud.

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