Buried in Cement #12--comedy
Starring the following model:
"Abby has fun getting buried in cement"

Unlike previous videos in this series, which were highly dramatic, this addition is much more campy and fun--neither Sarah Michelle nor Abby take the scene seriously. Sarah, wearing a black bra and leggins, plays a psycho librarian who wants to bury Abby, wearing only panties, in cement because she has 5 overdue library books. Abby "protests" as the cement is poured over her body, starting with her legs, then her abdomen and lower body, followed by her breasts and then her shoulders. She actually giggles at times as the buckets of cement are applied by Sarah's henchman, whose face we never see. At the finale, the cement is poured over Abby's face, as she smiles, saying Please don't. Abby is completely covered. There is a short segment at the very end: Abby covered and smiling, saying she is still alive! Campy fun.

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