Quicksand Explorers 2013 Pt. 1 Sinking in Mud
Starring these models:
"Leila, Sarah and Elana have a lot of fun sinking in mud"

In this unscripted video, Leila Hazlett, Sarah Michelle and Elana Bohemia have a lot of fun during the first mud/quicksand shoot of the 2013 season, shot on May 27th. Each girl is wearing a pair of tight jeans and a halter top/shirt. Leila steps into the mud first and quicksand sinks to her waist. Sarah follows next, followed by Elana last. The three of them bounce in the mud, sinking up to their chests--and in the case of Sarah, almost to her shoulders, as she finds a particularly deep spot and needs help from the other two to keep from sinking further. The three of them also play-the-damsel, begging for help, asking to be rescued. In the end, all three pull themselves free of the mud--and we get to see their mud-covered bodies. No submergences.

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