Bundle: Girls Getting Stuck
Starring these models:
"Four different models get stuck in glue"

Four scenes with four different models getting stuck in strong glue or marshmallow. Featuring Sarah Liz, Daisy Rae, Nyxon, and Leila Hazlett. All models are topless except Leila. Sarah and Nyxon are both wearing pantyhose.

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Total size:1.68 GB
Runtime:58 mins, 35 secs
Scene ID:13480
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Originally $52.95

Includes These 6 Scenes
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Leila Stuck at the Shoot
Added 10/1/16    12044 views
Leila Hazlett plays a model who is fleeing a devious photographer. She backs up and steps into a sticky, gluey mess--first with her left foot, and then with her right fo...
Sara Liz Stuck at a Photoshoot
Added 12/20/11    14236 views
Sara Liz is working for a new photographer, Gary. When she enters the set, the lights suddenly go out and she trips, falling. When the lights come back on, Sara finds h...
The Glue Trap #2, Part 2
Added 11/26/11    12121 views
In Part 2, Nyxon manages to pull her feet free of her shoes only to get them stuck in the glue. She tries unsuccessfully to struggle free, first pulling on one leg, then...
The Glue Trap #2, Part 1
Added 11/22/11    9461 views
Nyxon wakes up rather groggy from a nap. When she stands up, she accidentally steps into a glue trap, made of rat trap glue. She tries to pull first one leg and then th...
Daisy Rae Stuck at a Photo Shoot Pt2
Added 10/8/11    10291 views
In Part 2, Daisy Rae continues to be stuck to the floor in the white, glue-like marshmallow fluff. She struggles and tries to pull her body free--hands, legs, breasts--t...
Daisy Rae Stuck at a Photo Shoot Pt1
Added 10/8/11    9851 views
Daisy Rae is working with a new photographer. He asks her to step into what looks like glue. Reluctantly, Daisy does and is soon stuck fast. She tries pulling her boot...
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