Curse of the 3 Pirates Part 2
Starring these models:
"Ludella Tricks Erin Into the clay pit"

Ludella makes Erin get the Captain's pirate hat out of the quicksand. What Erin doesn't realize is this is just a trick to get rid of her. Ludella holds on to Erin's hand as Erin slowly enter the clay trying to get to the hat. To get it she has to go far out and is down to her chest in the quicksand at this point. Once she grabs the hat Ludella lets go of her. Ludella get Erin to throw her the muddy hat but instead of helping Erin out Ludella just watches her sink under the quicksand. At the end there is a short part showing Erin rise from the clay.

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Runtime:6 mins, 38 secs
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