Alien Vines #2
Starring the following model:
"Izebel is dragged into the mud by vines controlled by Leila"

Izebel Vivant is meeting Ludella at a swamp to film a youtube video about a supposedly haunted location where some people disappeared. On her way there Izebel see's this strange woman (played by Leila Hazlett) who just stares at her but never speaks. Suddenly a vine grabs at Izebel frightening her into running off. She runs off into the swap and accidentally runs into thick mud. She struggles as she slowly sinks in the mud. Just as she is managing to drag herself out she sees the strange woman again. The woman willing walks into the mud. While doing so she summons vines to grab Izebel and pull her back into the mud. The woman sinks under the mud as Izebel watches terrified. Two vines then grab Izebel and pull her shirt and skirt off. She is then pulled deeper into the mud and slowly sinks all the way under. There is a brief shot at the end of Izebel coming up from the mud.

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