Trapped In The Marsh
"A blond model in boots, pantyhose and a short skirt gets stuck in mud"

Carver is searching the marsh for her pet dog who ran off while she was taking him for a walk. She is annoyed that she has to walk through the muddy marsh getting her white knee high boots all muddy. She takes a wrong step and her right leg sinks in soft mud almost to the top of her boot. She struggles for awhile annoyed but determined to get herself free. She finally is able to pull her leg out and she continues on to fine her pet. However the mud only gets deeper and she soon finds herself stuck up to her waist. She is upset but determined to get herself out. She struggles and pulls on the nearby marsh grass but can't seem to free herself. When it's clear that she is making no progress she starts to panic and cry thinking she will be stuck there forever. The video ends with her still stuck waist deep.

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