Private Detective Chrissy in Quicksand
"Chrissy Daniels gets caught in a quicksand trap"

Chrissy Daniels is a private detective hot on the trail of two criminals. She hopes to get them first for the $10K reward. Unfortunately, their trail leads into a marsh. At first, Chrissy find the marsh annoying, her boots getting ruined in the soft mud. Then she gets stuck in the mud and struggles to pull free. She succeeds, but only for a short bit, when she steps into quicksand. Chrissy sinks slowly, struggling to get free. The scene ends without resolution, until after the credits, when we see Chrissy standing beside the quicksand pit, covered in mud from arms to feet. Chrissy is wearing a silk, animal print blouse, a black vinyl skirt, dark pantyhose, and black high heeled boots.

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Runtime:11 mins, 24 secs
Scene ID:3727
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