Lost Dog
Starring the following model:
"Theresa falls in the mud while searching for her dog"

Theresa Manchester is searching for her dog who ran off into the marsh. She is so focused on finding her dog that see doesn't pay attention to where she is going and gets her knee high boots stuck in the mud. The first time she just gets one foot stuck and is annoyed but keeps going. Then she gets her leg stuck up to her knee and is grossed out by the mud getting in her boots. She struggles a bit but gets her leg out and both her boots are pretty muddy by this point. While heading further into the marsh she walks right into some soft mud and sinks up to her thighs. As she struggles she slowly sinks deeper up to her waist. Her leather skirt is now covered in mud. She panics for a little while once she realizes she is in quicksand. However she is able to calm herself down and remembers how to get herself free. She leans back and slowly pulls herself out of the mud.

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