Wandering Off
Starring the following model:
"Aimee ditches a field trip but ends up in a muddy situation"

Aimee Manson is not at all interested in learning about nature on her school field trip so she decides to wander off on her own. Too bad she never learned about the quicksand in the area. While she walks deeper into the woods she walks right into a seemingly normal patch of ground that her feet sink into. She tried to pull her legs out of the mud but her struggling makes her slowly sink deeper. She doesn't want to call for help worried she will get in trouble but is determined to get out on her own. She sinks almost down to her chest before she finds a good solid rock to grab onto and slowly pulls herself up onto solid ground. With her pantyhose and school uniform all dirty she knows she'll still end up in trouble. She tries to brush off the chunky clay like mud but it doesn't help much so she has to walk back to find her class with her uniform ruined.

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