Lost Joggers
Starring these models:
Aimee Manson and Leila Hazlett are walking in the woods and Aimee decides they should go for a jog instead. Leila protests because she is not wearing sneakers and is wearing her rubber rain boots which are not good for running. However Aimee takes off running so Leila reluctantly follows. After awhile Leila has to rest and take her boots off to rub her sore feet but Aimee keeps going and gets far ahead of Leila. Leila decides to just go home but accidentally goes off the path and walks into quicksand. Leila yells for help as she keeps sinking in the quicksand and luckily for her Aimee has already turned around and is looking for Leila. By the time Leila is chest deep Aimee gets there to pull her out. After a lot of struggling Leila gets out covered in the muddy quicksand, tries to get some of it off her and then the two girls walk home. In the alternate ending after the rescue Leila fully submerges in the quicksand followed by Aimee who walks into the quicksand while looking for Leila.

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