Bundle: Barmy in Mud
Starring the following model:
"Bright haired Barmy sinking in mud"

In the first series Barmy has bright pink and purple hair and slowly sinks in mud by herself while wearing white heels, a white leather skirt, pantyhose, and pink top. She struggles for awhile before getting free. In the next series Barmy and Ms. Lovely sink to their waists before getting rescued by Eddie.

Number of scenes:4
File count:5
Total size:1.03 GB
Runtime:7 mins, 8 secs
Scene ID:13483
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Originally $42.96

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Let's Follow the Tracks, Part 1
Added 12/27/14    6962 views
Eddie Paradise (blue jeans, white t-shirt), Barmy (white/blue summer dress with white leggins) and Ms. Lovely (gray t-shirt, dark pants) are exploring a marsh, looking f...
Let's Follow the Tracks, Part 2
Added 12/27/13    4905 views
In Part 2, Barmy (wearing the blue/white sun dress and white leggins) and Ms. Lovely (grey t-shirt and dark pants) leave Eddie and head off on their own. They come to a...
Why Did You Run Off? Part 2
Added 11/22/11    9316 views
Wearing a white skirt, black stockings, and a pink blouse, Barmy continues to look for her cat in the marsh. She stumbles into a deep pit of quicksand, but manages to ge...
Why Did You Run Off? Part 1
Added 11/18/11    8359 views
Barmy Sanscullotte's cat has run away into the local marsh and Barmy goes in after it. She walks through patches of mud water, swearing at the cat for doing this to her....
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