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"Eddie Paradise sinks in thick mud in a bog"

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Total size:258.27 MB
Runtime:8 mins, 38 secs
Scene ID:17080
Eddie Paradise is walking through a bog complaining about her partner in crime picking an awful location to hide their stolen loot. Her white high heels sink into the bog as she walks getting them wet and muddy. She ends up taking the heels off since they get stuck in the mud and continues on barefoot. She sees the bag sitting on top of some mud and walks out to it. Her legs sink into the mud which gets her more annoyed but she keeps going for the bag. While trying to get her legs free she slides in further getting her tight skirt coated in mud. She tries to free herself without touching the mud because it grosses her our but just moving her legs and hips around isn't helping her get anywhere. As she wiggles around in the thick mud she just makes things worse and is soon up to her chest in the mud, still trying not to touch it with her hands. She eventually grabs at the mud trying to pull herself forward but at this point she is too far from solid ground to get any traction. At this point she becomes worried and calls for help even though she knows it's probably pointless since she is in such an isolated area. She frantically grabs and pushes on the mud but all her struggling makes her slowly sink down to her neck. At this point she realizes she probably isn't getting out of this and she slowly sinks all the way under the quicksand. After the credits is a quick shot of her coming up from the mud.
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