Please Don't
Starring the following model:
"Krysti Meer falls into quicksand while fleeing"

As the video begins, Krysti Meer, wearing a pink blouse, satin multicolored skirt and white heels, is walking backwards through the marsh, her nice outfit all ruined, begging the person following her not to hurt her. She stumbles and falls, her blouse opening up, revealing her breasts. She gets up and continues walking backwards, loosing a shoe to the clinging mud. Krysti stumbles again and when she tries to get up, she finds herself sinking in the mud. She pleads with her accuser not to hurt her as she sinks deeper and deeper. Her pleading turns to a cry for help--asking the pursuer not to leave her to the quicksand. The video fades out, with Krysti neck deep in the mud, her final fate unknown. There is a 50 second outtake at the end, showing Krysti rising up and out of the mud, putting her shoe on, and telling us what it feels like to be in quicksand, while heading out of the marsh.

File count:1
Total size:155.63 MB
Runtime:5 mins, 21 secs
Scene ID:13014
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