Alien Vines
Starring the following model:
"Leila Hazlett is dragged into mud by vines"

Leila Hazlett is a researcher with a mission to make money. She is working for a professor, who has found a rare plant, one that could make them $$$. The video starts out with Leila, who is wearing a light blue skirt, black silk camisole, and loafers, chatting on the phone. She then heads into the bog, looking for the plant. She finds the professor's backpack but not him. When she goes after the backpack she falls into quicksand, sinking up to her waist. She manages to pull herself free, but is then attacked by vines, which pull off her skirt and top, revealing the pink bra and panties underneath. These vines then drag Leila back into the quicksand, where she sinks to her doom. The video does include a submersion, although a bit of her ponytail remains on the surface as she goes under; and there is a very brief after-the-sink segment, showing Leila rising from the mire and giving a very honest opinion on how she feels at that moment(!). note: you will hear some camera clicks during the video (sorry about that).

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cole49  2/9/14
nooo honey don't sink !   Edit  Report
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