Nature Photographer Sinks In Quicksand
Starring the following model:
Elvira Bella Morte is taking a walk in the woods to photograph rare birds. She's so focused on getting good photos that when she steps into some thick mud she barely notices it. As she tries to move forward to get a better shot of a bird in front of her she realizes her feet are stuck. Confused but calm she grabs at her calves trying to get her feet out. As she struggles she ends up slipping forward into a deeper section of the mud. Once she suddenly sinks to her hips she realizes she's in trouble. She struggles against the quicksand but slowly sinks deeper. She grabs at the ground but it isn't solid enough to hold onto. She pushes her hands down on top of the quicksand hoping to push herself out but that just gets her arms stuck as well. Afraid and upset she slowly sinks all the way under. After the credits you see her briefly come up from the mud.

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