Running Late
Starring the following model:
"Krysti keeps getting stuck in the mud"

Krysti Meer is rushing to get home before dark so her parents won't get pissed at her. She takes a shortcut through the marsh but manages to get stuck in some mud. She sinks in dark mud up to her thighs getting her knee high boots and tights all wet and muddy. She manages to pull herself out. While running through the marsh she falls and gets her shirt wet but quickly gets up and keeps going. Once again she doesn't pay attention to where she is going and sinks in more mud, This time she struggles but can't get free and sinks up to her neck. She is frightened and calls for help. The videos ends with her stuck up to her neck and her fate left to your imagination.

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Total size:175.42 MB
Runtime:5 mins, 43 secs
Scene ID:13955
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