The Case Of The Missing Jewels
Starring the following model:
"Leila Gets muddy rescuing some stolen jewels"

In this fantasy scene Leila plays a detective who is helping the police find some stolen jewelry. After checking out the evidence she decided to go looking in a local swamp. She sees a small bag sitting on top of the mud near the water but when she tries to go get it she sinks into the mud. As she struggles to get out she slowly sinks deeper into the mud until she is down to her neck. She stops panicking and when she stop struggling she stops sinking. She realizes the jewel thief's must have been able to get out since they put the jewels there and once she is calm she notices a hidden rope near the grass. She is able to grab it and slowly pull herself off. Exhausted from struggling she lays on the ground and then starts wiping the mud off her pantyhose covered legs and feet. She then stands up and wipes some mud off her dress before walking off with the bag of stolen jewels.

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