Rescued From Quicksand
Starring the following model:
"Elvira gets pulled out of thick mud by a passing hiker"

Elvira is taking a short cut home after a bad date when she accidentally walks into a mud pit. She was so upset about the bad date she didn't realize where she was going. Once muddy she decides it will be easier to walk through the mud pit instead of having to walk around it which would take much longer. To her surprise the mud is so thick she isn't able to get very far before she gets stuck. As she struggles to pull herself out she keeps sinking till she is almost up the her neck. She realizes she must be in quicksand and panics and starts calling for help. Luckily a hiker hears her cries for help. It takes awhile to get her free since the mud seems to be pulling her down but after a lot of struggling she emerges exhausted and covered in thick mud.

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