So Pretty #2 Izebel
"Izebel falls into quicksand while hiking in a marsh"

Izebel Vivant, wearing a short skirt, satin blouse, and moccasins, takes a walk in the marsh, admiring the beautiful plants, which are so pretty. She accidentally steps into some mud, and gets stuck knee deep. After some struggling, she gets free and laments that her moccasins and socks are now dirty. So Izebel tries to reach the river to wash off--and accidentally steps into quicksand. Her decent in the mud and slow, and her struggling admirable. At one point, she actually manages to pull herself partly out of the mud, but the quicksand has other ideas and pulls her back. In the end, the quicksand wins. Contains a slow submersion, and an after-the-sink scene, with Izebel rising from the mud completely covered in the dark ooze.

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