Dangers of Geocaching #2
Starring the following model:
"Leila Hazlett sinks in deep mud"

Leila Hazlett, wearing a black tank top, a short skirt, dark pantyhose and loafers, is going geocaching, using a set of coordinates that her friend gave her. Despite the wetness of the swamp and how it ruins her shoes, Leila continues her quest. Even when she steps into some thick mud and sinks to her knees, she decides to still go one. Struggling to get free, though, is difficult and she only ends up sinking deeper. Her confidence begins to erode and she tries calling and texting her friends for guidance and help. No answer, though, as Leila sinks deeper and deeper. In the end, the mud claims her. There is a brief after-the-submersion scene, where Leila rises up out of the mud, completely covered.

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