Prison Break Danger
Starring these models:
"Leila and Elana wrestle in mud and sink in quicksand"

Leila Hazlett and Elana Bohemia have escaped from prison. Leila does not want to go further into the swamp, despite Elana pressuring her to do so. They argue, then begin to fight, ending up wrestling in the mud. During the fight, Elana pulls Leila's blouse open; in retaliation, Leila pulls Elana's halter top up and over her face. The girls now end up fighting topless. Eventually, Leila pulls Elana into the deep clay pit, where they continue to argue and fight. Elana is worried she is sinking ever deeper; fed up with the complaints, Leila forces Elana beneath the surface of the quicksand. Then, she tries to get away, but Elana, despite being below the surface, grabs Leila's leg and pulls her under, too. There is a short set of behind the scenes clips at the very end, showing each model rising from the clay after their submersions. Note: A version of this video was released 5 years ago, but removed shortly thereafter. This is a completely new edit.

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