Bikini in Mud #2--Elana
Starring the following model:
"Elana sinks into real quicksand"

Elana is looking for her friends, hoping to find the way to the beach. She finds some tracks in the mud and follows them, but as she walks, the mud gets deeper and deeper. Soon, she is knee deep and stuck. Her struggles only cause her to sink further. A bit concerned, she tries to reach out and grab hold of something, but there is nothing. She takes off her bikini top, hoping someone will see the bright, green color. But neither that nor her calls help. Elana sinks deeper and deeper, until she submerges, blowing bubbles as going under. There is about a minutes worth of footage after Elana rises after her submersion, where she crawls through the mud and then washes off her hands and face.

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Total size:315.41 MB
Runtime:10 mins, 35 secs
Scene ID:12122
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315.41 MB
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