Cheerleader's Hazing--hd
Starring the following model:
"Leila Hazlett sinks in real quicksand"

Leila Hazlett, wearing a black and hot pink cheerleaders costume with rain boots, is participating in a hazing event for the cheerleader squad. They've told her to stay in the creek and not go on dry land. Leila skips the advice and tries to walk on land, only to discover that it is quicksand. She is upset at falling into the mud at first, but that turns to panic as she sinks deeper. She tries grabbing a tree branch to get out, but to no avail. She sinks all the way up to her forehead before the video fades. Then there is a behind-the-scenes shot of her rising up out of the mud, completely covered from head to toe in the thick gray mud. We see her wash off her face before the video ends.

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Runtime:8 mins, 58 secs
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