Sinking In The Night #2
Starring the following model:
"Elana Bohemia falls in quicksand while in the woods"

Elana Bohemia is running through the woods looking for her friend who seems to have gotten lost. It's starting to get late and cold and she really wants to get home since she is just in a dress and high heels. She runs off screen and you hear her scream. When she wakes up it is dark out and she notices her shoes have fallen off. She reaches forward to grab one of her shoes and her feet sink into the ground. She leaves the shoe and tries to get her feet out of the quicksand. She manages to pull one foot out but as she tries to turn around she slides forward and her feet go in deeper. The ground she is on isn't stable enough for her to move without sinking so the more she tries to get free the further she sinks. She panics as she sinks but once she is down to about her chest she tries to calm down and stay still hoping to avoid making the situation worse. She looks around realizing there is nothing close enough to hold onto and even though she has stopped struggling she is still very slowly getting deeper. She panics again as she realizes how hopeless the situation is. Slowly her head sinks under and then her out-stretched hands disappear as well.

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