Is Quicksand Real?
Starring these models:
"Elana encourages Leila to sink but can't rescue her"

Leila Hazlett and Elana Bohemia are walking through the woods and decide to go off the path. The end up walking through some mud which gets Leila thinking about weather or not quicksand is real. Elana doesn't believe it exists but Leila gets her to have a theoretical conversation about it anyway. The two girls wonder if the type of clothing you wear would make you sink faster and if pantyhose would make you sink faster. As they walk deeper into the forest Leila steps in some squishy mud. Elana encourages her to walk out deeper in the mud and see if she can actually sink in it. As Leila sinks down further and further she becomes very nervous but Elana still doesn't think it's really quicksand. Elana encourages Leila to sink all the way under and at this point Leila realizes she doesn't have a choice as her head slowly sinks out of sight. When Leila doesn't come up after sinking Elana gets worried and goes in after her. She gets in deep and reaches around for Leila but in the end all she does is cause herself to sink under too. After the end of the video there is a brief shot of Leila coming up from the mud and then Elana coming up from the mud.

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