The Quicksand Test Part 1
Starring these models:
"Leila tricks Mae into sinking in quicksand"

Leila Hazlett is leading Mae Jones out into the woods telling her she has a special surprise to show her. Mae is excited because she like surprises but is kinda annoyed because it's really hot out. She gets even more annoyed when Leila runs off far ahead of her down the path while insisting that Mae follows her. Mae reluctantly follows but up ahead Leila checks the ground to find the quicksand pit she wants to trick Mae into sinking in. Since the pit looks just like regular dirt Mae steps in and gets upset when her shoe gets all muddy. Leila insists that she can just walk through it and her shoes will clean up fine however when Mae takes her next step the pit gets much deeper and she sinks up to her thighs. Only at this point does Leila reveal her true intentions, that she has tricked Mae into sinking in the quicksand to see if it's deep enough for her boss to sink into as well. Mae struggles and pleads for help and Leila teases her pretending to pull her out but then just pulls her hand away. Mae continues to sink as Leila watches and laughs about how easy it was to trick her coworker. Mae sinks full under and at the end after the credits you see Mae out from under the pit fully coated in the brown clay like mud.

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