An Awful Surprise
Starring the following model:
"Elana Gets Her Nice Dress All Muddy"

Elana Bohemia is following her boyfriend who has a surprise set up for her in the woods. Elana falls way behind since she is in heels and when she gets to a clearing she isn't sure exactly where her boyfriend went. She walks through what looks like part of the grassy field but as she goes forward her feet start to sink in the ground. She has to lose her heels to keep going. She's unhappy about how muddy she is getting but she see's her boyfriend up ahead and figures he must have gone the same way so she keeps going forward. But the ground gets softer and Elana finds herself sinking into the mud. She struggles to go forward but when that doesn't work and she decides to just go home she discovers that she is really stuck in the thick mud. At this point she is down to her chest and struggles to pull herself out by leaning backwards. That doesn't work so she has to wiggle around and pull herself out. With a lot of effort she frees herself and rubs some of the mud off her dress before walking back home. This was exceptionally thick mud so all the struggling is real.

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