Glue Prank #3
Starring these models:
"Elana Gets Back At Her Lazy Roommate"

Elana is annoyed at her lazy roommate Vikki who stays out all night and sleeps most of the day so she decides to prank her while she's asleep. She takes a tub filled with glue (marshmallow fluff) and first spreads some on Vikki's leg. When Vikki doesn't respond at all Elana realizes she can probably just move Vikki's legs and put her feet right into the glue. Elana gently puts her feet in the glue and then leaves before Vikki wakes up. When she does wake up Vikki is confused and annoyed. She tries to get her feet free but but the glue is too thick and sticky. While struggling to free herself one hand slips into the glue and gets stuck too. Now it's even harder for her to move around but she still tries to free herself. At the end her other hand gets stuck and she is left with both hands and feet stuck in the glue.

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