The Shortcut--hd
Starring the following model:
"Leila Hazlett and Naya sink in real quicksand"

Leila Hazlett tries to lead Naya on a shortcut to the beach. Both gals are wearing bikinis and sneakers and looking to swim. However, Naya decides to turn back and when she does, she accidentally steps into quicksand. Sinking, she begs for help from Leila, who thinks she is not in any danger. Unable to reach Naya, Leila convinces her to remove the bikini top and use it as a rope. That does not work, so Leila removes her top and Naya ties them together. Unfortunately, Leila is unable to pull Naya free, who perishes. Leila then goes into the mud to rescue her friend, only to get caught in the quicksand, sinking to her doom. The video fades out when Leila is neck deep.

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Runtime:14 mins, 56 secs
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