Dressed for Surveying
Starring the following model:
"Leila sinks in quicksand, unafraid of what may happen"

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Leila Hazlett needs to survey a new location. She isn't exactly dressed for hiking being in a short skirt, satin top, pantyhose and loafers but figures she might as well get it out of the way now. The map shows it's just mostly wetlands so she figures she will be fine as long as she doesn't run into any quicksand. She walks along with her cell phone in hand looking for a signal and since she is not watching where she is going she steps into some muddy wet ground. She isn't bothered by the mud and figures since her shoes are already muddy she might as well keep going. She gets out of the really muddy looking area and walks across what looks like solid ground but ends up sinking in the mud to her knees. She isn't bothered by the mud and keeps going but it does get harder for her to walk as the mud is very thick. Her pantyhose and shoes are now coated in the dark mud and she is starting to think this wasn't a great idea. Once she sinks down to her thighs she gets stuck and wiggles around for awhile but still remains calm. She lifts up her skirt to keep it from getting muddy which exposes her control top pantyhose. She gets one leg free and decides she can probably just walk through the mud. As she tries to go forward she doesn't get very far but does get herself deeper in the mud and then realizes that she might be sinking. Calmly she thinks she must be in quicksand but hopes it's not too deep so she can just sink, hit the bottom, and then walk out. She wiggles around, still not afraid, just annoyed that she isn't able to move much. She struggles harder and then sinks deeper, her skirt disappearing into the mud. She decides to take her shirt off so it will be one less thing to weigh her down. She gets annoyed that she isn't sinking fast enough and wiggles around more hoping to hit the bottom of the quicksand. Her white bra disappears in the mud as she wiggles her way down. She now realizes she is going to sink under but still thinks that once she hits the bottom she will be able to get out. She slowly sinks all the way under never panicking as she submerges.
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