Struggling To Sink
Starring the following model:
Leila Hazlett is excited to play in the mud in her sexy red high heels and latex leotard. She slowly puts her feet in and notices that the mud is much thicker than when she was there last time. She has to struggle and wiggle around to sink into the mud. It takes a lot of effort but she is able to slowly sink down to her chest. She is happy to be in the mud and loves how it feels on her outfit. But she soon realizes that one of her legs is stuck and she can't move much. She starts struggling to free herself but isn't able to move much at all with her leg stuck. After awhile she gets the idea to try to pull her stuck leg up. She reaches into the mud with one arm and and with a lot of effort is able to move her leg enough to get unstuck. Very slowly she pulls herself out of the thick mud. Once out she rubs some of the mud off her body.

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